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Beginning Guitar

Younger beginners, say from ages 5 to 12, should start on the acoustic (non-electric) guitar. Older more experienced students may start on either the acoustic or electric. The acoustic guitar provides the best means to teach all necessary basic skills, and lays the foundation for a subsequent transition onto the electric guitar. Acoustic playing  introduces primary concepts ranging from hand position to music reading. While it is often the case that adequate progress in these areas is severely lacking in popular instructional methods, ample evidence suggests basic skills still play a pivotal enabling role in in the arduous road to advanced stages of guitar playing.

Benefits of Taking Up the Guitar

Newly emerging scientific data points to identifiable brain-enhancing side benefits resulting from the development of well coordinated finger function. In other words, refined fingertip motion challenges the brain in ways that it can only resolve by actual improvements in its capacity. Memory skills are also significantly impacted, as students must be able to recall hundreds of notes while performing even simple music. As students are encouraged to strive for perfection, mastering songs becomes an exercise in problem-solving, which boosts analytical skills and sharpens intellect. At Lakes Guitar Studio, more than enough anecdotal evidence has been compiled in support of these claims. Parents repeatedly link guitar playing with demonstrable gains in school work.

Group Lessons

Group lessons not only provide a highly affordable way to begin taking guitar lessons, but they also remain by far the most effective approach in terms of sustained interest and progress. A class, however small, provides an environment in which to grow. By creating a more dynamic and competitive setting, instructional aims and goals are achieved quicker. Students benefit in the presence of others who are learning the same skills. In such a productive environment, everybody learns and everybody teaches.

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